What to see in Karpathos

Karpathos is one of the most attracted island in Greece.  It’s between Rhodes and Crete. In this article, we will explain you in detail all the must spots in Karpathos (beaches, sights, villages, customs, etc.).


Apella beach: It is a wide range beach with crystal clear water. It is one of the most stunning beaches in the Mediterranean Sea and many times awarded.  

Ahata beach: It is one more rocky beach such as Apella Beach. It is a few kilometers away from downtown of Karpathos, Pigadia. The road is across the forest, the drive is magnificent and the view from the beach will reward you.  

Kyra Panagia: Kyra Panagia is also a few kilometers away from Pigadia. It is also rocky beach with crystal clear water. It is easy accessible by car. Beach has also umbrellas, restaurants and mini markets.

Diakoftis beach: It is probably the most impressive beach. Its crystal clear water and the amazing view from the beach will bring you memories from Hawaii. The beach has got umbrellas and one snack bar.

Ammoopi Beach: A complex of three amazing beaches (Small hug, Big Ammoopi and Votsalakia beach). The shallow and crystal water will fill you your memories. Both of beaches are well organized with very good restaurants, umbrellas and mini markets. Easy accessible by car.

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SAINT FOTINI: The chapel of Saint Fotini is located just right next to the Afoti Beach, Pigadia. Is an early Christian Basilica, built in 5th century AD and is partially restored.  

CHURCH OF THE ASSUMPTION OF VIRGIN MARY of OLYMPOS: The church assumption of Virgin Mary in Olympos, built in 1500 AD with very pretty frescoes. Celebrated with a big festival every August 15th.

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Karpathos has 12 twelve villages. Every village has its unique beauty.

OLYMPOS VILLAGE is the most traditional village in Europe. It is reference point and traction pole for tourists from all over the world. The main feature is that women wear traditional clothes daily. You can see it in the upcoming gallery.

A little bit away from OLYMPOS VILLAGE, is DIAFANI VILLAGE. Women there also wear traditional clothes, like Olympos.

SPOA is a little beautiful and graphic village before Olympos. It is recommended to have a stop before Olympos for a break to explore it or have a dinner to one of the restaurants there.

PIGADIA is the downtown of Karpathos. That’s where the main market is with many super markets, stores, pharmacies. The majority of hotels are there but NOT the most of them.

APERI VILLAGE is the village next to Pigadia (8 km away). Its main feature is the beautiful architecture.

VOLADA, OTHOS, PILES, are the next villages. The drive through the roads of villages is so admirable because you will see the special beauty between the streets of Greek villages.

All of the previous villages were on the east side. On the west side, the remaining villages are MESOCHORI, ARKASA, MENETES. Mesochori is a graphic with highly features of tradition. It is also has a well organized touristic complex in Lefkos with many resorts, hotels and restaurants. Arkasa, is also a well organized touristic complex. Arkasa is preferable to many surfers and windsurfers. Menetes has a main feature. Its unique architecture. It is a village with big history contributing to liberation of Karpathos island.