Olympos village is called as the most tradtional village in Europe.It is a living folklore proof.A must spot for many tourists.It is a touristic attraction.Tourists are coming from all over the world to enjoy and admire the daily life of Olympos' women,the traditional clothes that wear daily.Tourists can also enjoy the tradiotonal Karpathian instruments.Visitor can buy traditional costume and shoes.It is accessible by car (1 hour and a half from Pigadia).Get directions,tapping here. 



 Pigadia is the downtown of Karpathos Island.There,are located the main market of the island.You can purchase your goods from a variety of supermarkets,fruit markets.You can enjoy your walk through port side in the walkway during the night.There are many and reliable cafe bars to enjoy your cocktail,your breakfast and brunch.


Aperi Village

Aperi,is the village next to Pigadia.It is located 8 kilometers next to Pigadia.Its architecture is admirable.You can go there and explore the village through the alleys.Aperi,was the old capital of the island.There are also many beaches nearby Aperi village,such as Ahata beach,Kyra Panagia and Apella.



 Menetes village is the village next to Pigadia from the west side.Its architecture is also unique,you can explore and walk through the alleys,enjoy your food and coffee to the tavernas that there are in the village.It is famous for its liberating struggles during Karpathos was under Italian occupation.



Arkasa village,is a touristic spot with many hotels,restaurants,tavernas and cafe bars.Its famous beach Agios Nikolaos is attracted by many visitors,especially for those who love big waves.You can also go to Finiki and enjoy your walk through the harbor.Walk through Arkasa alleys and enjoy the stunning view during sunset time.



One more beautiful village is Volada.There is the highest point of Karpathos,with 1241 meters high.Nearby Volada is Kyra Panagia beach.



Othos is the village next to Volada.Enjoy the beautiful countryside of Stes.Go and enjoy the museum of Karpathian traditional instrument,Lyre.



The village is located in the northeast side of Karpathos.It is before Olympos.It is famous agricultural way of life.If you walk through the alleys,you will see many churhes and chaples.The religious and traditional way of life is admirable there.



Mesohori village is on the most graogic villages in Karpathos.The traditional way of life there is unique.You can go to tavernas there and enjoy the sunset and if you are enjoy sounds of traditional instruments of Karpathos.People there are also famous for their hospitallity.